متابعونا الكرام:
نفيدكم بأنه تم الانتقال إلى الموقع الجديد
ونرجو منكم التكرم بالزيارة والنشر والتعريف بالموقع خدمةً للقرآن الكريم والسنة النبوية المطهرة

  • The Muslim World League Condemns Houthis Attempt Targeting Muslims Qibla

The Muslim World League Condemns Houthis Attempt Targeting Muslims Qibla

Muslim World League, MWL, condemns the criminal attempt in which Houthis militias launched a ballistic missile towards Mecca that has been intercepted and destroyed by the Saudi Air Defense Forces on the height of 65 kilometers from the Holy Capital without any harm. Moreover, the General Secretariat of MWL announced that this evil work reveals how astray from the right path these militias are attempting to attach Islamic Places because of the sectarianism illusions and hatred in order to inforce minds to help their own goals ignoring all aspects of forbiddances and holiness. In addition, their ignorance has got them into the troubles of people coup on their approach and history to the extent that these militias have tried to smear the common terms between Muslims following their hatred and fool ambitions.
The Secretariat clarifies that this desperate attempt comes in the series of these militias recklessness as a result of their successive defeats as well as that this evil thinking is great in the site of the religion of Allah giving the glad tidings that this devil plant is going to vanish in order for Yemen to sense peace and safety as well as to overcome its legitimacy and history traitors.
MWL assured that it has received the discontent and condemnation of Muslims feelings towards this criminal group daring against the most purified and blessed spot pointing out to the fact that they are going to fully support and stand with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia defeating this criminal act and that these places have enough confidence and faith on the favor that Allah has upon KSA to be capable of defeating such an aggressive and evil act away from these Islamic sanctities.