متابعونا الكرام:
نفيدكم بأنه تم الانتقال إلى الموقع الجديد
ونرجو منكم التكرم بالزيارة والنشر والتعريف بالموقع خدمةً للقرآن الكريم والسنة النبوية المطهرة

  • Graduation of 25 Students from Quran Science College in Tajikistan

Graduation of 25 Students from Quran Science College in Tajikistan

Under the sponsorship of Imam Abu Hanifah Islamic University in Tajikistan, the Quran Science College has organized, in collaboration with the Holy Quran Memorization International Organization, HQMI, an honoring ceremony for 25 students at Imam Abu Hanifah University attended by the chairman of the university Mr. Taj Aldeen Essam Aldeen Zadah, the dean of Islamic Science College Mr. Abdul-Aleem Narsuf, a number of university responsible figures, a gathering of guests, teachers and students. The ceremony started with a recitation of the Holy Quran followed by some delivered speeches in which speakers expressed their happiness and joy attending such a graduation ceremony as well as thanked the organizers and congratulated the graduators encouraging them to continue memorizing and mastering the Holy Quran following its commands in the purpose of being good examples in their communities. Also, they spoke about the virtues of Quran and its memorizer and lauded HQMI for the great role it plays in supporting Quran matters and paying attention to its memorizers all over the world. At the end, prizes and graduation certificates were distributed amongst the graduators.