• Honoring 14 Graduators from Saad bin Muath Institute in Comoro Islands

Honoring 14 Graduators from Saad bin Muath Institute in Comoro Islands

Under the sponsorship of the president of the republic and in collaboration with the Holy Quran Memorization International Organization, HQMI, Saad bin Muath center of Comoro Islands has organized an honoring ceremony for 14 graduators in the national parliament hall attended by the minister of Justice and Islamic Affairs Mr. Muhammed Alhadi Abbas, special consultant of the president of the republic Mr. Jay Ahmed, the deputy of Saudi Arabia ambassador Mr. Faris Alutaibi, the director of the Islamic Affairs Mr. Muhammed Nur Abdulbaqi, the representative of HQMI Mr. Muhammed Abdulkareem Bygham, a gathering of gusts, teachers and students. The ceremony has started with a recitation of the Holy Quran followed by some delivered speeches in which speakers have expressed their happiness and joy attending such a graduating ceremony as well as thanked the organizers and congratulated the graduators encouraging them to continue memorizing and mastering the Holy Quran following its instructions and guidance to be good examples in their communities. They have also spoken about the virtues of Quran and its memorizers as well as lauded the great effort that HQMI exerts in supporting Quran matters and its memorizers all over the world pointing out to the great role that the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz plays in serving the Holy Quran all over the world. At the end, prizes and graduating certificates were distributed amongst the graduators.