• Honoring 21 competitors of the memorizers of the Holy Quran in Somalia

Honoring 21 competitors of the memorizers of the Holy Quran in Somalia

In collaboration with Islamic Relief office in Somalia, the Holy Quran Memorization International Organization (HQMI) held a Quran competition in Hargeisa region in which 21 competitors have participated in memorizing the entire Quran with the ten recitation ways as well as the young memorizers. The honoring ceremony was attended by the minister of Islamic Endowments and Affairs Sheikh Khalil Abdullah Ahmed, the director of Ifta’a section in ministry of Endowments Sheikh Ahmed Tunbel, the deputy interior minister Mr. Ahmed Farah Atrah, the representative of HQMI Sheikh Muhammad Ahmed Yahiya Al Ahdal, teachers, students and a large number of citizens. Moreover, some speeches were delivered in which speakers have addressed the virtues of Quran, its memorizers’ role in the communities they live in, paying attention to the Book of Allah, concentrate on memorizing it with Tajweed, following its commands, copying its ethics and following its path. They have also thanked the organizers of the competition as well as lauded the great effort exerted by HQMI in serving the Holy Quran all over the world and in Somalia in particular and paying attention in terms of encouraging the memorizers of the Holy Quran by holding such Quran competitions. In addition, they have pointed out, in their speeches, to the great role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz in serving Islam and Muslims all over the world. At the end, the winners were honored.